Who Are Today’s Role Models?

Times are very different from when we were kids. What exactly is a role model? Who do you give your children access to and who do they “follow”? Here’s a little food for thought…

I hate to use the cliché phrase, “Back in my day…” but in the not-so-distant past we used to listen to the radio, watch TV and put a lot of stock into the black stars we got to know. Of course, in the 80s and 90s, there was no TMZ and we didn’t always have the details of our favorite movie stars’ and singers’ personal lives. We adored people for the way they performed, what they achieved, and sometimes what they said in their songs. The representation was so limited that we craved seeing people who looked like us in any capacity.

It’s been a minute since the Grammy Awards aired but some of the performances brought to mind a very important thought – who are today’s role models? Who do you give your children access to?

How do you introduce your children to people you would consider role models? I almost wish this could be more of a conversation with my fellow parents because I believe in today’s “always-on” world, everyone likely has their own strategy.

The definition of a role model is a person looked to by others as an example to be imitated, and for this reason I think it’s important to show our children as many amazing examples as we can. I’m a firm believer that our children’s interests blossom with the more experiences we expose them to. The glitz and glamour of celebrity life and the thrill of sports are just a couple of options from the millions of things they can become. Now, with social media it is easier to get your kids excited about everything from STEM, to gymnastics, cooking, music, poetry and so much more – from the young lady who helped develop the COVID-19 vaccine to Misty Copeland, Serena Williams, Amanda Gorman and so many more.

While we are still in the midst of safely re-opening, it’s always of course a good idea to also explore heroes through the books we read and share. There is actually a great series of books that is great for this, called Show Me History. There are also card games, amazing documentaries and likely great examples of everyday heroes in our very own families.

With a little research, today it is easier than ever to find “role models” or shall we say, representation for our children in a number of fields. Should you find any good books that should be shared, please don’t hesitate to drop us a note!

And I am no expert, but the more I think about it, it’s important to note that our children spend the most time with us. We are honestly the most prominent role models they will ever have.

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